Rapid Release vibrates at a frequency that resonates with Scar Tissue1

This frequency also triggers a neurological response known as the TVR which quickly relaxes muscle spasms.2 RRT is unique in these capabilities. RRT saves your hands from the pain and fatigue brought on by Manual Therapy and the ergonomic design makes it easy to self treat.

Fast, Painless and Lasting

RRT will quickly become your “Go To” modality for soft tissue problems.  Quick and painless treatments target the underlying cause of many soft tissue problems and routinely gives immediate results

Extreme Versatility

RRT is useful from head to toe on a wide variety of conditions. With 5 treatment heads, you can vary the effect on the fly with a flick of the wrist.

Competitive Advantage

Whether you are a professional athlete or a health professional, RRT will give you a huge advantage over your competition

Pain Relief

-Target Scar Tissue Adhesions, tight muscles, spasms quickly using frequency, not hammering. (click here for the science)


– Scar tissue adhesions can limit range of motion as can tight or hypertonic muscles. RRT is designed to relieve these stressors. Vibration has also been shown to increase Hyaluronic acid pressure in the fascia allowing ease of movement

Joint Stress

-Soft tissue issues can result in added joint stress as the fascia and muscles can be loosened up, lessening the loading of the joints to gain mobility and reduce pain


-5 surfaces allows you to quickly vary the effects for each patient. Tiny stroke makes it comfortable for everyone. This small, lightweight hand held device is also designed to self treat. So treat yourself!

Find out how RRT can Boost your Practice

Rapid Release’s Versatility helps many Professions!

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Athletic Trainers

Physical Therapists


Massage Therapists



Rapid Release Pro-2 Benefits At a Glance

  • Fast, 3- to 5-minute treatment lengths mean cost savings
  • Treatment can be provided by assistants
  • RRT reduces the pain and stress that accompany manual therapy
  • Lightweight, long and slender design makes self-treatment a cinch
  • Easy to treat yourself

You give your all to patients who are in desperate need of pain relief. Discover the cutting-edge technology that they deserve and that makes all of your hard work easier on you.

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  1. Nogier, Paul (1972). Treatise of Auriculotherapy. Maisonneuve.
  2. Cochrane DJ. The potential neural mechanisms of acute indirect vibration. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 10, 19-30. 2011.