RRT Pro 1

Modern Pain Relief and Range of Motion Restoration

The RRT Pro is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology. is the only High speed Vibration Therapy (HSVT) on the market. Our proprietary method of applying compression waves via arc motion directly into the tissue puts the tissue under tension with tiny high frequency shearing energy. This frequency is demonstrated in the Rapid Release Technology video and independently confirmed (Dr. Paul Nogier 1970′s) to sympathetically resonate with scar tissue. These combined effects target adhesion that underlays many indications. Additional benefits include the “Tonic Vibration Reflex” that is triggered only in this frequency range. The TVR releases opposing muscle fibers to eliminate cramps and spasms quickly and painlessly. This TVR effect is not triggered by any other portable device on the market.

The first year of RRT saw sales into all major professional sports in the US. The quick acceptance by elite athletes speaks volumes for the therapeutic value and performance enhancing properties of the RRT Pro1. See the NFL study conducted by Dr Bain, medical director of “The Athletes Compound” at Saddlebrook in Tampa Florida.

The Pro1 provides an effective non-surgical and drug-free treatment option, for a wide range of conditions, often helping those who have exhausted all other options such as medical doctors, podiatrists, chiropractic, medications, surgery, acupuncture, physical therapy and pain injections. Rapid Release is arguably the safest and most cost effective treatment on the market.

Quick ROI

Insurance Reimbursement + Cash and Referrals

  • Effective 5 minute treatments can be administered by your assistant. RRT Marketing Kit included.
  • 2 treatment surfaces with each surface offering a unique and different effect.
  • The Trumpet Head™ is the primary treatment surface as it imparts the most energy over a wide surface area and is indicated for most applications.
  • The Actuator™ is gentler and is indicated for trigger points, use between the bones of the hand, foot, or tender areas such as the face.
  • The short stroke of only 2mm yields just enough energy for the intended results without any observed negative side effects.

RRT Pro 2 Coming Fall 2014


The RRT Pro 2 is our 2nd generation device that has all of the functionality of the RRT-PRO1 with additional features.

The patent pending Traction Ring™ imparts lateral motion to superficial tissues and is useful over bony areas such as knuckles, elbows and fingers that also has a numbing effect on the skin.

RRT Pro 2 New Features:

  • Durable, quiet and cool brushless DC motor
  • Electronic speed and torque motor control
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous design
  • Extensive vibration dampening
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